University of South Carolina – Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor
(2010-present) -ENGL 101 (Critical Reading and Composition) -ENGL 101 (Theme Course: A Search for Documentary Truth) -ENGL 102 (Rhetoric and Composition) -ENGL 460 (Advance Writing: Digital Documentary) - online Syllabus -ENGL 462 (Technical Writing) - online Syllabus -(GTA) FILM 110 (Introduction to Film) -(GTA) MART 590 (Media Art Theory) English Language Instructor (Taiwan; New Zealand; Boston, MA; Columbia, SC)
University of South Carolina
“Ghosts of South Carolina College”
Duncan Buell and Heidi Rae Cooley
Role: Graphic Design, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production University of South Carolina Honors College
“The Trial of Othello”
David Miller
Role: Mentor, Graphic Design, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production University of South Carolina
“Resounding Composition”
Byron Hawk
Role: Visual Ethnographer, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production INSTITUTES & PRESENTATIONS
video presentation (January 2015) MLA, Vancouver, Canada Presenter (December 2014) Visible Evidence XXI, New Delhi, India
‘The Digital Documentary Interface: Reframing Rhetoric, Advocacy and Pedagogy’ Presenter (Summer 2014) RSA Conference, San Antonio, TX
Research Method and Pedagogy in the Digital Humanities Presenter (Spring 2014) FYE Multimodal Workshop Series, Columbia, SC
‘An Introduction to Audacity, Sound Cloud, and the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives’ Institute Participant (Summer 2013) Digital Media and Composition, Ohio State University Institute Participant (Summer 2013) RSA Summer Institute, University of Kansas
‘Rhetoric and Documentary’ HASTAC Scholar (2012-2013) Presenter (March 2013) Networked Humanities Conference, University of Kentucky
‘Toward Methodography’ Presenter (Summer 2012) RSA Conference, Philadelphia, PA
‘Multitudes Hashtagging Revolutions’ Presenter (Spring 2012) Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Clemson, SC
‘Live Tweeting Revolutions’ Presenter (Spring 2011) Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Columbia, SC
‘An Articulation of the Materiality of Memory: Chai’ Presenter (Summer 2009) Visible Evidence XVI, Los Angeles, CA
‘To See a World’ Presenter (Summer 2009) 4th FLAVA (Florida Visual Anthropology) Gainesville, FL here here